July 25, 2009 8:12 am

Thomas K. Carpenter

It looks like iPhone will sneak in under Ori’s three month window he gave in the Open Letter to Apple.  While we won’t ever know if the letter had any affect on the secretive company, I’d like to believe it did. 

The revelation came from Acrossair, the developer of the Nearest Tube train finder in an email with the LATimes.

To get their app to work in 3.0, they tapped into an unauthorized tool called the “camera viewer”, but when Apple releases 3.1, it’ll give them official license to use the camera and get the app posted to the app store. 

It certainly makes me wonder if any of these augmented reality apps will get highlighted on their popular App Store commercials.  If one does, then it will certainly ratchet up interest in the fledgling technology. 

[Via LATimes]

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