The Dashkova Memoirs

Exile.  Princess.  Thief.  Ekaterina "Kat" Dashkova and a young Ben Franklin investigate supernatural forces amid the afterbirth of the American Revolution


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L.D. Greenwood

Amazon Reviewer

"This was a fantastic work of fiction. I enjoyed the writing so much and was so intrigued by Kat as a main character that I ended up buying the second book immediately after the first one. And when I finished with that (all in the same day), I bought the third." 


Amazon Reviewer

"Revolutionary Magic was such a great read! Fast paced and fun, this alt history + steam punk novel won't let you down! Can't wait to read the second one."

Ron Collins

Amazon Reviewer

"Fun read and an interesting beginning to what promises to be a strange and wondrous series. Tom Carpenter has obviously had some fun working with the characters of Ben Franklin, Katerina Dashkova, and Adam Smith, and he's taken the world around us and made several twists and tweaks. It should be fun to see where it goes. (As with some of Carpenter's other work, part of the fun of this story for me was taking that time to look up the "real life" history between Franklin and Dashkova--so he entertains first, then educates!)"

Thaddaeus Moody

Amazon Reviewer

"I thoroughly enjoyed the blend of steampunk and early American history that made up the setting of this book. It was a fast fun read, and I had a good time exploring the author's version of early 19th century Philadelphia. I loved the way many of the heroes of knowledge were pulled into new roles. Katarina Dashkova appears to be a force to be reckoned with and I can't wait for her next adventure."

Book 1

After years of running from the Emperor of Russia's assassins, Ekaterina "Kat" Dashkova has finally found an unlikely home in Philadelphia under the tutelage of Benjamin Franklin.

When a mid-level government official is found wandering colonial Philadelphia without his clothes—and his last two years of memories—Ben and Kat suspect otherworldly forces at work. Neither of them know that a dark revolution lurks beneath the veneer of civilization, ready to unleash its malevolent magic unless Kat makes a grim sacrifice.

Book 2

Ignorance is bliss, unless the world is out to kill you...

An investigation into a strange cauldron and a dead thief in Ben Franklin's parlor leaves Katerina Dashkova, Russian princess in exile, as the main suspect. With her memory damaged and Ben Franklin missing, Kat must navigate the treacherous waters of American politics to solve the mystery while ominous rumblings threaten to drag the country into a new war.

Book 3

Katerina Dashkova must die.  When Warden Simon Snyder seeks Kat's help to solve a bloodless murder, she becomes entangled with a prophecy that predicts her death on the Winter Solstice. The investigation turns an old friend into a dangerous enemy, complicates loyalties, and creates a mystery so deep that Kat will have to expose herself to ultimate betrayal to solve it. Even if she does, the question remains: Can she save Philadelphia from an ancient evil?

Book 4

When Thomas Jefferson's longtime companion is murdered with dark magic, Katerina Dashkova and Ben Franklin must find the killer before the war-hungry Federalists learn the truth and use it to maneuver America into a war with Russia. Unfortunately, the unknown assassin isn't the only one causing trouble: a certain rusalka with a magical hold on Kat's future has made an impossible demand that will test her loyalty to her new country to its very limits.

Book 5

Katerina "Kat" Dashkova has become a potent sorceress using her magic to help Ben Franklin and the Transcendent Society in the fight against Russia and the Otherworld forces that threaten the civilized world. But her powers are useless when a plague of monsters descends on Philadelphia, threatening to plunge America into chaos. As Kat searches for the source of the supernatural creatures, she encounters a mysterious benefactor offering favors for assistance, learns a dire secret that could doom the Society, and must face a contest against an unexpected foe from her past.

Book 6

The god Veles has laid claim to Katerina "Kat" Dashkova's former homeland of Russia, and unless she can stop him, the world will be his next conquest. To reach Veles, Kat and Ben must travel through the realm of dreams in Baba Yaga's hut—a transdimensional craft owned by a trio of dangerous witches. The hut will help them reach their destination, but it contains dangers of its own, things that even the hut's mistresses have forgotten. Things that only need a little magic—or the whiff of prophecy—to escape.

Book 7

Stranded in Siberia, Kat and Ben must navigate the snowy wastes to make it to Moscow so they can stop the god Veles from taking over their world. But surprises lurk in the north, one from her past days in Empress Catherine's court, and the other a creature out of legend. To survive, Kat needs to confront more than her past.

Book 8

When the Three Relinquishes the One the Void will Conquer AllThe wheels of prophecy grind towards the ending of the multiverse, while the gods continue their dance of power. Ben and Kat know the only way to thwart the prophecies is to take the fight to Veles. As the battle unfolds, new revelations put their plans in peril, leaving Kat to make a choice that could tilt the multiverse into the eternal abyss.

The Dashkova Memoirs Bundle

The Dashkova Memoirs Books 1-4

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