Stone Singers Hall

Experience Extreme Wealth

A tale of power, privilege, dark magic, and betrayal set among the Hundred Halls elite.


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Anthea Sharp

USA Today Bestselling Author

"An engaging and suspenseful adventure featuring magic, music, and an awesome heroine who has to navigate the machinations of an uber-rich family without giving away her own secrets. Read it!"

Marina J. Lostetter

Author of the Noumenon Trilogy and Helm of Midnight

"Freaky-Friday with a menacing twist, this soul-swapping take on sinister second chances has all the music and mayhem one could hope for. Carpenter sweeps the reader up in a whirlwind of magical failures, family secrets, and legendary legacies. Fans of The Hundred Halls and new readers alike will fall in love with Minerva as she learns to survive in her new skin."

Andie Alessandra

Amazon Reviewer

"Song of Siren has got to be one of my favorite reads so far this year. Prepare yourself for an action packed fantasy adventure from start to finish. This book won’t let you down. I first read it in one sitting and have since read it three more times."

Lana Turner

Amazon Reviewer

"Wow this first book in a new series really blew me away. I love her spunky character and hope to see her win her battles. I found the first book to be very captivatingly dark!" 

Book 1

Family is everything. Even if it's dysfunctional.

Thrust into a family of grotesque wealth and led by a tyrannical patriarch, Minerva Sune—disgraced former pop star—must navigate a world of cutthroat intrigue and magical scholarship she knows nothing about. Backstabbing best friends, combative professors, and an occult mastermind who knows her secrets keep her rushing to stay ahead of a familial catastrophe which she fears might end in the ultimate tragedy.

Book 2

At the heart of the Hundred Halls, four secret societies have manipulated events for their own dark purposes. They tamper with forbidden magics. They blackmail kings. No corner of the world escapes their reach.

Moriganne must acquire an invite one of these societies or her father will banish her from the family, but her biggest rival stands in her way at every step. When an unexpected death leads to an investigation that implicates the societies, Moriganne must decide what is more important—protecting her siblings and her standing in the family, or finding justice for those she has lost.

Storm of Dragon and Stone

Book 3

Dispatched to the realm of Montanhas to save the family business from bankruptcy while each of them vie for the approval of their father and leadership of the company, Moriganne and her siblings find they've been sent into a disaster of occult origins.

The newly purchased company of Lifestone was supposed to be their company's savior but has proved to be a demonic anchor around their necks. With restricted windows to evacuate and deadly conflict brewing between the workers and the nearby town, Moriganne tries to thread a dangerous path while trying to save everyone—but sometimes tragic events make heroic choices impossible.

Sonata of Shadow and Thorn

Book 4

Every family has its secrets.

Six years previous, the death of the eldest daughter, Solstice, was a tragedy that tore apart the Charmer family. Now, uncomfortable truths are surfacing that brings her death into a new light. As Moriganne chases down paranoid gang members, vengeful maetrie, and shifting family secrets—she finds that sometimes the truth is better left buried.

Well of Demon and Bone

Book 5

Moriganne Charmer returns in this final tale of betrayal and dark magic set amongst the Hundred Halls elite.

Without the protection once afforded by her last name, Moriganne and her siblings must contend against their father whose fury was unleashed by their betrayal. As the truth of his motives become clear, they realize that their struggle has implications far beyond the bonds of family. If they cannot stop him, then the future of the Hundred Halls—and possibly the world—is at stake.

Stone Singers bundle

The Stone Singers Hall Bundle Books 1-3

A thrilling fantasy box set about power, privilege, dark magic, and betrayal set amongst the Hundred Halls elite.

Thrust into a family of grotesque wealth and led by a tyrannical patriarch, Minerva Sune—disgraced former pop star—must navigate a world of cutthroat intrigue and magical scholarship she knows nothing about to stay ahead of a familiar catastrophe that could destroy everyone and everything she's ever known.

Includes Song of Siren and Blood, House of Snake and Tome, and Storm of Dragon and Stone.

Stone Singers Omnibus

The Stone Singers Hall Omnibus

THIS COMPLETE SERIES INCLUDES FIVE BEST SELLING BOOKS WITH NEARLY 1500 PAGES OF THRILLING ACTION—AND 500 FIVE-STAR REVIEWS/RATINGS!  Includes Song of Siren and Blood, House of Snake and Tome, Storm of Dragon and Stone, Sonata of Shadow and Thorn, and Well of Demon and Bone.