The Crystal Halls

Harness Your Power

A gritty knife-fight in the shadows of the Undercity brimming with dark magic and intrigue.  


5? reviews

Alicia Manolas


"This book was amazing! Such a strong storyline and characters you will adore! I have come to really get excited every time this amazing author brings out a new book, and this one is no exception."



"Power of Crystals!  Good start to a new series where you learn about the clans and the undercity. Interesting characters and great world building in this magical adventure."

Zippy Inger

Amazon Reviewer

"This is a strong beginning in this new saga for the hundred halls. Wonderful and unique characters. A good amount of action and intrigue. New types of magic and mayhem. Looking forward to the next one in the series. Great for all ages."


Goodreads Reviewer

"A great start for a new series.  Awesome characters and story.  The words give you a magnificent view in your mind of the scenes, the world and characters .  Highly recommended."

Season Two of the Hundred Halls starts now!

Shadows in Amber

Book 1

The two major clans of the Undercity, Razor and Drops, are at a fragile peace after decades of conflict.

When Pandora is sent to the Undercity to infiltrate the clans and uncover the source of the faez crystals—unusual gemstones that give Undercity warriors magical abilities allowing them to run up walls or move heavy object with a gesture—she joins the Drops clan after saving the life of its warleader.

Kuma Santos, son of Razor's clan leader, has been training to be a warrior of the Undercity his entire life, but his lineage creates expectations that make him a target for his rivals.

Tensions rise between the clans as young warriors clash on neutral ground to uphold their honor bound ways, bringing together Kuma and Pandora who discover an inconvenient attraction. Conflict turns violent as rumors of a spy send waves of distrust through both clans. With storm clouds on the horizon and control of the Undercity—and the faez crystal trade—at stake, it'll only take one spark to trigger the war.

The Emerald Eclipse

Book 2

The clans are on the verge of war.

Pandora and her Drops clanmates discover the existence of an elixir that allows for perfect faez crystal attunement—which will give imbibers a way to match the best stones with the best warriors—signaling the balance of power in the Undercity is about to change. While Razor clan, desperate to keep up with the escalations allies with the Crows, a gang from the city who can supply much needed manpower in exchange for faez crystals and training their members in the ways of the waku.

Both clans have a new foe to worry about, as the smaller clans that they'd previously ignored, come together to form the Alliance. Together with the attunement elixir and their superior numbers, this third clan has pushed the Undercity to the brink of war. The only question is who will strike first.

The Sapphire Stratagem

Book 3

This book will release on December 12, 2023

After Razor clan's destruction, the remaining members join the Drops clan, keeping alive the hope that they might survive the ascendant Alliance. The newest clan in the Undercity has all the advantages—warriors, weapons, and a cunning maetrie leader that has outmaneuvered them at every turn.The leaders of Drops clan believes they have one shot to end the upstart clan's hold on the Undercity.A strike, right into the heart of the enemy, could put an end to the Alliance. But achieving that goal will require them to overcome not only magical fortifications, but each other, as old enmities bubble to the surface under the stress of achieving something most think impossible. If Kuma, Pandora, and the other young waku can't come together as a team, then they'll lose the Undercity—and their clans—forever.

Chains of Obsidian

Book 4

Coming in 2024

The Bloodstone Rebellion

Book 5

Coming in 2024