The Kingmaker Saga

In a game with no end, how would you build your kingdom?

Separated from his friends in a brutal game of survival.  Secrets uncovered at every turn.  It wasn't the game he expected.

The Stone Tree (Book 1)

When Terran and his friends enter Kingmaker Saga, they're expecting a lifetime of adventure together, but a vengeful hag separates them, throwing their plans into disarray. Stuck in the unrelenting wilderness of the Rockleaf Forest and tracked by a dangerous Spirit Bear, Terran must find a way to survive.

Realizing this world is nothing like he expected, Terran must push himself to develop new skills, find a way to reunite with his friends, and defeat the hidden forces moving quickly to destroy his new home.

The Crystal Bard (Book 2)

An army gathers determined to destroy the Mother Tree.
The Trio are planning a second, larger attack and Terran knows they will have to stop it before it reaches the walls of Gneiss Glenn. But without the help of his friends and only low level elves to muster a defense, the chances of success are slim.

The settlement’s only hope is the legend of the Crystal Bard, a powerful elven warrior who uses their voice to rain destruction upon their enemies. 

The Ghost Tower (Book 3)

Finally reunited with his friends, Terran faces a blight which threatens the health of Mother Tree.

As they hunt down the source of the rot, each of the companions struggle to find their place within the group. Together they learn that their world is not the new home for their gaming minds that they expected, but one with a long dangerous history. If they cannot sniff out the cunning traps that have been laid before them, then they'll end up like everyone else who has been thrust into these troubled lands—dead.

The Champion's Prophecy

(Book 4)

The Mother Tree is dying.

When Darkness Sighs brings a prophecy from the Shades to Gneiss Glen, Terran wants to ignore the dreadful truth. Not only must he find a way to restore the Mother Tree, but if he can't the settlement—and the entire continent—will be razed by the Howling Wind. But will the price for saving the Mother Tree and all his friends be too high for Terran to pay?

The Shadow Labyrinth (Book 5)

A new danger looms on the horizon as a murderous horde of warriors plan to invade the continent. With throngs of enemies approaching their shores, Terran must locate a black crystal and become the game's most powerful Crystal Bard if he has any hope of defending the Mother Tree and the denizens of Belwar. But the only known crystal is guarded by a creature whose awakening could threaten the entire world, leaving him with an impossible choice.

The Autumn Empire

(Book 6)

War comes to Gneiss Glen.

The Howling Wind is crossing the narrow sea, bringing old enemies who have grown formidable with time. To stop them, Terran and his friends must race to collect powerful artifacts and level up the settlement before they run out of time when only the clash of steel and magic will determine who rules Kingmakers.