Champions of the Hundred Halls: The card game

Now you can play as your favorite Hundred Halls character and work together to save the City of Sorcery in this cooperative strategy card game based on the books!

Champions of the Hundred Halls is a captivating 2-4 player cooperative strategy card game set in the bestselling Hundred Halls universe. Players must work together to defeat various scenarios from the books like a demonic invasion, or a delve into a trap filled dungeon while dealing with complications from the realm you're fighting in. The game sets up quickly, is simple to learn, and lasts 50-90 minutes with various levels of challenge available. The deluxe edition has an impressive 640 cards which includes 9 player decks, 6 scenario decks, and 5 realm decks including over 320 unique cards. The high variation ensures a rich and varied gaming experience every time. The game is a must-have for strategy card game enthusiasts, promising endless hours of engaging and strategic play, or play some of the easier combinations for a fun family game night.