The Order of Merlin

Destiny calls when you least expect

The battle for Invictus begins now!  Join your favorite mages as they learn to work together to save the city and the world. 


5? reviews

Lynda C.

Amazon Reviewer

"Well created fantasy realm with believable characters. Multiple running storylines hold your attention making it almost impossible to set down. Definitely a page turner! Loved the depth of characters."

L. Coffing

Amazon Reviewer

"I just found my new book to talk peoples ears off about! I could not put this book down and have told all of my friends to get a copy to read.  It was a fun refreshing take on magic and creatures. The characters are so captivating. I am glad to see a magic related series that is more female based and has more of the "Supernatural" feel to it."

Dax Munro

Amazon Reviewer

"This is a well structured and exciting tale, with a magical system that any Fantasy lover would die for. This inspiring first novel shows a promising start to a series and kept a firm grasp on my attention throughout. Trials of Magic makes for an addictive read. Many times, I even found myself shouting at the characters, praying either for their safety or for them to succeed in their endeavors. A true work of fiction with great artistic flair. There is a lot of heart embedded within these pages. Trials of magic is a five-star read and a real credit to Mr Thomas Carpenter."

Peter Bruyns

Amazon Reviewer

"This is the second or third time I've read this book. I've seen a review that classifies this book as YA, if that's the case then other so called YA writers should read this book to get a clue! You don't have to use Malopropism to write good books for the young!"

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The Order of Merlin

Book 1

Destiny calls when you least expect.

After five harrowing years in the Hundred Halls surviving dangerous supernatural threats, our group of young mages have each taken their own paths away from the university.  But the recently returned Head Patron, Invictus, has need of their skills. Brought together under the banner of The Order of Merlin, these mages must survive everything their teacher throws at them—and each other—to become the team the world needs.  Otherwise they don't stand a chance against the imminent demonic invasion.

Infernal Alliances

Book 2

Allies can be found in unlikely places.

The threat against the Hundred Halls grows clearer by the day—the barrier between Invictus and the demonic realm is breaking down.  In hopes of stopping the invasion before it begins, the Order of Merlin must court alliances with powerful beings who have their own suspect motives. The mages will also have to come to terms with the demons of their own pasts, solve the conflicts within the Hundred Halls, and put themselves and their futures at risk if there is any hope of surviving.

Tower of Horn and Blood

Book 3

The battle for the Hundred Halls begins now.

Trapped in the city as a horde of demons invade, our team of mages have one last chance to save the world. With the city in chaos, and friends and family in peril, difficult choices multiply at every turn. The mages of the Order of Merlin and their allies must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to defeat the demonic invasion before their overwhelming advance puts an end to their world.

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