Animalians Hall

Bond with an Animal Companion

A psychic fox companion. A curse that haunts her family. Nothing will stop this feisty heroine from saving those she loves the most.


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Lynda C.

Amazon Reviewer

"I love the fantasy world he has created and all the imaginative characters. Their interactions are deep and detailed as are the physical features of the environment. This new Hall is larger and more diverse than any other! Like "Wheel of Time" or "Game of Thrones" the "Hundred Halls" series is not just for gamers or SyFy enthusiasts.
Absolutely a must read!"


Amazon Reviewer

"The world building and storyline are wonderfully developed.  The characters and creatures are interesting. Pax, Kali, Logan, and classmates have unique adventures waiting for them during this first year. This is a fast paced, action filled, easy to read fantasy world filled with twists/turns and marvelous creatures." 

Sara Williams

Amazon Reviewer

"Always a pleasure to sink my teeth into another Hundred Halls book, and if it’s not too much to ask, I would be THRILLED if the author wrote a series at every single one of them. The universe and people he created are so special and unique every time. I’m really not sure how Thomas Carpenter isn’t a household name by now."

Liza van der Pluym

Amazon Reviewer

"Wow such an epic adventure with loads of action, intrigue, amazing animals! I really loved reading this book. If you enjoy the supernatural with loads of adventure and relatable characters you should read this book!"

Book 1

Pax Nygard has spent her childhood at the world's most dangerous zoo, and has a psychic fox named Kali as her companion, so she should be well prepared for the challenges that await her at the Animalians Hall. But when mysterious deaths at the local zoo and a dangerous rival create issues, she realizes it's the two legged kind of creature for which she lacks the skills to interact. 

Book 2

Every Hunter has a bane—but not everyone survives the hunt.

In the city of sorcery, a dangerous beast is on the loose, killing the unwary, but Pax and her friends are forbidden to investigate. As she throws herself into becoming a Hunter, which includes perilous visits to backwater Fae training grounds, she suspects that her professor and the new kid aren't telling the truth about their tragic pasts.

Book 3

To learn the art of field work, Pax and her friends head to the jungles of Danir where the local fauna presents dangerous challenges to scientists reviving the defunct magesteel trade. But mysterious deaths, conflicts with the Phoenix Corporation agents, and environmental spasms that mirror an ancient apocalypse put the entire class in danger. Pax and her friends must navigate local political intrigue and solve ecological mysteries if they want to survive their third year at Animalians.

Book 4

Desperate for answers about herself and Kali, Pax heads to northern Norway to visit her Baba, where she learns things about her companion that changes their relationship. The conflict between them simmers beneath the surface as they investigate strange happenings with the ecology of the tundra and unravel the history of a group she meets called the Descendants of Bastet. As the true purpose of her existence with Kali is revealed, Pax must unravel the knot that has formed between them while hunting down a fearsome enemy out of the mists of myth.

Book 5

The world's most dangerous zoo provides attendees the experience of a lifetime: witnessing the fearsome manticore feeding, or the speedy mystdrakon race across its dome at blurring speeds, or the pack of brutal fyrehounds hunting across a sandy landscape—all within the safety of the highly secure domes.

But success breeds complacency…

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