Academy of Subtle Arts

Vanquish Your Enemies

A daring heist. A dangerous betrayal. Only one chance to save his family.


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Mandy Walkden-Brown

Amazon Reviewer

"Such a well penned story with a clever plot, nail-biting action and some delightfully vibrant characters. Importantly, it is a complete story, no being left dangling off a cliff.  This is a well crafted, intricately developed world and its magic systems are pretty intriguing."


Amazon Reviewer

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The characters are all interesting, I couldn't predict what would happen (which I LOVE), and I can hardly wait to find out what happens next. (I also appreciate that I want more, but that the book actually ended very well, and not in a cliffhanger.) Thomas K. Carpenter is a new favorite author for me!"


Amazon Reviewer

"I've always enjoyed coming-of-age novels and this one is fantastic. It is Well written, well plotted, and gripping. The characters and plot do not let you go. I have two other books by this author that I haven't read and I'm torn between starting those and finding the next book in the series. That's a nice dilemma. Don't hesitate to read this one!"

Patty Eversole

Amazon Reviewer

"This is my favorite book to date by this author, and I have loved a number of them. The hundred hall’s world is so creative, and Tom Carpenter‘s imagination really brings it to life. I loved the twists in the story, which make me wonder what is going to happen next. Bravo! Can’t wait to read the next installment of the series."

Book 1

The best assassins learn their magic at the Academy of the Subtle Arts. Everyone joins for their own reasons: to give death her proper due, to acquire outrageous fortunes, or to know that history bends to their blade.

Zayn Carter joined the Academy to save his family.

Book 2

When a rogue assassin starts taking heads in the Hundred Halls, no one is safe, not even the teachers.

Zayn leads his team as they investigate the gruesome deaths. The search draws them to dangerous places: the infamous Black Council and the opulent casino of pain run by the Diamond Court. As leads dry up, and heads roll, leaving them no closer to the truth, Zayn must make a terrible choice involving the people who he cares about most.

Book 3

Even a master assassin can be foiled.

Divination—the magic of seeing the future—provides peace in the realms, because no one can launch a war or assassination without being discovered. But when a strange building appears in the city of sorcery, everyone believes it's benign—everyone except Zayn and his teammates. To save the Hundred Halls, they must use all their talents to deceive and uncover its purpose before it's too late.

Book 4

The dragons are coming.

Without a head patron to protect the city, the Hundred Halls are vulnerable to the most dangerous supernatural creatures of all—the dragons. But the Circle of the Scale is not the only problem. Deep beneath the city other dangers lurk, setting in motion a confrontation that will force Zayn to make a decision between the Halls and his family.

Book 5

Even the best plans fail.

Zayn has spent his whole life preparing for the final confrontation with the Lady of Varna, but as the day grows closer, complications multiply. When he realizes he can no longer trust his cousin, or his patron—nor does he want to get his teammates killed—it means he must finish his quest alone. But the Lady of Varna has been alive for millennia because she has a supernatural knack for avoiding even the most cunning plans. 

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