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Enter a world where magic seamlessly intertwines with the bustling cityscape. Trials of Magic takes you on an unforgettable urban fantasy quest filled with gripping suspense, unforgettable characters, and extraordinary powers lurking just beneath the surface. Prepare to be enthralled - get your free copy now and start your epic adventure!

Fantastic Families.  Magical Academies.  Epic Adventures.

The Hundred Halls is a multi-series contemporary fantasy universe set in the world's only magical academy.
With 28 books and counting you can spend hours escaping to this magical world.

I just found my new book to talk peoples ears off about! I could not put this book down and have told all of my friends to get a copy to read. I can't wait for the rest of the series!!! It was a fun refreshing take on magic and creatures. The characters are so captivating. I am glad to see a magic related series that is more female based and has more of the "Supernatural" feel to it. I have been a fan of Thomas K. Carpenter for a while now, but this book is my favorite so far! Keep them coming!

L. Coffing

- Trials of Magic Reviewer -



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praise for the Stone singers hall series

An engaging and suspenseful adventure featuring magic, music, and an awesome heroine who has to navigate the machinations of an uber-rich family without giving away her own secrets.  READ IT!

Anthea sharp, usa today bestselling author

praise for the reluctant assassin series

Such a well penned story with a clever plot, nail-biting action and some delightfully vibrant characters.  Importantly, it is a complete story, no being left dangling off a cliff.  This is a well crafted, intricately developed world and its magic systems are pretty intriguing.

Mandy walkden-brown

praise for the hundred halls series

Well created fantasy realm with believable characters.  Multiple running storylines hold your attention making it almost impossible to set down.  Definitely a page turner!  Loved the depth of characters.

Lynda c. 

praise for the animalians hall series

Wow such an epic adventure with loads of action, intrigue, amazing animals!  I really loved reading this book.  If you enjoy the supernatural with loads of adventure and relatable characters you should read this book!

Liza Van der pluym

Shadows in Amber
Shadows in Amber

Now available

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The two major clans of the Undercity, Razor and Drops, are at a fragile peace after decades of conflict, but how long will it last after faez crystals are discovered?

In my own words...

In 2021, after 25 years of working as an engineer for Toyota and writing virtually every evening and weekend, I was able to quit the corporate job and focus solely on writing.  My wife and I sold our home in Missouri and moved to the beautiful mountains of Colorado.  We now live in the small town of Buena Vista, CO with a view of Mt. Princeton out the front door.  None of this would be possible without the support and encouragement of all my fans.  I will be forever grateful.  Thank you!

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