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Does Nadia have the skills to protect her sister at the world's most prestigious magical academy?


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Marina J. Lostetter

Author of the Noumenon Trilogy

Praise for Song of Siren and Blood

Freaky-Friday with a menacing twist, this soul-swapping take on sinister second chances has all the music and mayhem one could hope for. Carpenter sweeps the reader up in a whirlwind of magical failures, family secrets, and legendary legacies. Fans of The Hundred Halls and new readers alike will fall in love with Minerva as she learns to survive in her new skin.


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Praise for Wild Magic

The world building and storyline are wonderfully developed. The characters and creatures are interesting. Pax, Kali, Logan, and classmates have unique adventures waiting for them during this first year. This is a fast paced, action filled, easy to read fantasy world filled with twists/turns and marvelous creatures.


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Praise for Fires of Alexandria

For the reader with a passion for historical fiction, Thomas K. Carpenter's Fires is a great re-creation of ancient Alexandria through the experience of a brilliant woman inventor trying to overcome incredible odds to survive in a fiercely hostile environment and solve an ancient mystery. Well-developed characters and rich settings are described so meticulously one feels as if they are standing right in the middle of the action. A compelling page turner!

Paula Fletcher

Amazon Reviewer

Praise for The Stone Tree

What an awesome new series! Terran is the perfect underdog hero. This book presents an enchanting world that will suck you in. I can't wait to see what happens next! Keep churning out the awesome stories, Tom!

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