Augmented Reality Helps Art Meet Life

This augmented reality video from Najork has clearly been modified post-production, however, it really gives a sense of the possible.  When the tools to do this easily become available some artists might abandon real materials and instead build their art installations out of imagination and the colored lights reflected on our eyes. 

Combine these free-flowing art layers with the personal modification from Sony’s Vision Libary, and you can choose to live in a pretty weird place. 

street tests from Najork on Vimeo.

[Via Cruces]

6 replies on “Augmented Reality Helps Art Meet Life”

  1. wow wow wow… Tish Schute led me to your site and I’m all geeked out in a delicious way. The Not Possible IRL group is looking for ways to bring virtually produced 3D immersive content – often quite kinetic – to real life and augmented reality seems to be the way to go. Will you be coming to SXSW next March, Thomas?

  2. I have friends that just moved to Austin and was strongly considering a trip to SXSW next year.

  3. Thomas, should you mae your way out to Austin, please let me know in advance. My RL name is Beverly Millson and I would like to find ways to make AR and existing/future 3D immersive content mutually beneficial.

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