September 18, 2009

Metaio, Inc. Will Launch Its Mobile Augmented Reality Platform Junaio on November 2nd

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Metaio, Inc. Will Launch Its Mobile Augmented Reality Platform Junaio


On November 2nd

San Francisco, September 18th 2009 – Today, metaio officially announced the launch date of junaio, its mobile augmented reality platform. On November 2nd, the leading company in augmented reality will release a first version exclusively for the iPhone. More features will be released soon after, including capabilities on the Android and Symbian platforms.


Junaio will change the way we create, access and share information. By combining innovative online and mobile technologies, junaio will allow users to see location-based content through the display of a mobile device. Users can leave traces, messages or objects and visually interact with their friends or anyone else in the world. Already existing web services can be enhanced and completely new ways of interaction can be created. Whether it is social networks, multimedia content or game concepts – virtually anything can be embedded in the real world and connected to a certain place. “The possibilities are endless, we are taking the Internet outside to the real world,” says Thomas Alt, Chief Executive Officer of metaio.

Seeing location-based multimedia content through the display of your mobile device is only one part of the story. “Mobile augmented reality is all about the user´s orientation. But to deliver a really useful and robust application, you have to be user oriented,” says Peter Meier, Chief Technology Officer. metaio is defining a new dimension in mobile augmented reality through incorporation of features that will allow better usability and social interaction. junaio is the result of more than six years application development in augmented reality and months of research and usability tests for mobile applications. So get ready for the ultimate Outernet experience!






For more information and updates, please refer to: www.junaio.com

Caption: the world as seen through junaio metaio, Inc.:


As a pioneer in the area of Augmented Reality technology, metaio develops software products for visual interactive solutions between the real and virtual world. Based on the software platform Unifeye SDK, 3D-animations can be integrated seamlessly into live-video streams respectively into pictures of the real-user’s environment. Founded in February 2003, metaio currently employs 50 people at three different locations. The head office of the company is based in Munich. The subsidiaries metaio Inc. located in San Francisco, CA and metaio Asia respectively in Seoul. At the moment metaio has over 140 renowned customers out of different branches and areas. Among them are: BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Toyota, Peugeot, EADS, Bertelsmann, KUKA, LEGO, MINI, Universal Home Entertainment and Volkswagen.



Lisa Murphy

Sales & Marketing

metaio, Inc.

1000 Sansome St. Suite 380 

San Francisco, CA 94111 


Tel.: 415-814-3594




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