In comic books, Superman had all his powers naturally and Batman got his through gadgets and sheer force-of-will.  Using the equipment (altogether not very portable for superheros) shown in the video, you can have Superman-like powers with Batman-like gear. 

This amazingly cool gadget comes from Yoshinari Kameda, Taisuke Takemasa and Yuichi Ohta from the University of Tsukuba.  To pull off the trick, they use wireless LAN, cameras, GPS and an inertia sensor.  It does require a little setup, but as more data collectors (i.e.  cameras) are made digital and hooked to the Internet, this becomes a possibility without all the prework. 

It appears (though someone could confirm for me) that this group will be presenting their paper at ISMAR09.  If they do, I’m sure it’ll be a fascinating presentation. 

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