TweetWorld from Gamaray

TweetWorld is an Android app from Gamaray that shows the twenty nearest geocoded tweets in the area.  Touching the image on the screen will allow the user to access their webpage.  Gamaray also explains they will soon allow custom 3D avatars to be associated with the tweets.

You might ask, how many geo-coded tweets are out there and how do I do that?  TwitterMap and TwitterVision offer services to manually upload your location.  But these services are clunky and force you to interact to make it work.  In a digital world, we like to see these things happen seemlessly. 

Back in May, Twitter explained that they might add location-based information to every tweet, but currently that feature is unavailable.  Hopefully Gamaray will soon clarify the geo-coding so we can understand how this part of the service will work.

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