“Even the best plans fail. “

This is how the final installment of the The Reluctant Assassin series begins. It’s a fitting opening line for the series as Zayn has had to contend with countless setbacks in his plans to slay the Lady of Varna.

As they say, no plan survive first contact with the enemy. In a way, this series didn’t survive my early outlines and drafts, but I know it surpassed it. I’m deeply proud of how this series turned out, and warmed by the reaction that the books have received.

Even the best plans fail.

Zayn has spent his whole life preparing for the final confrontation with the Lady of Varna, but as the day grows closer, complications multiply. When he realizes he can no longer trust his cousin, or his patron—nor does he want to get his teammates killed—it means he must finish his quest alone. But the Lady of Varna has been alive for millennia because she has a supernatural knack for avoiding even the most cunning plans. If Zayn is going to solve this impossible conundrum, he’s going to have to get help from an unlikely source and accept the price of his failures.

The Webs That Bind, the final book in The Reluctant Assassin series, can be found on Amazon for $5.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.

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