Could you defeat the world’s hardest immersive game?

Alexandria Duke must learn how to or risk losing everything.

When Alex joins Gamemakers Online, she finds there are no newbie areas, no tutorials, and nothing but vicious critters hunting her down.  This seems like an impossible task but Alex is a veteran platinum achievement hunter who has solved previously unwinnable scenarios.  She won’t give up now.

As she delves deeper into the game, she discovers it hides sinister secrets.  If she can’t survive the first year in Gamemakers Online then she’ll lose more than her own life.

The Warped Forest is the first book in the next Hundred Halls series Gamemakers Online, can be found on Amazon for $3.99 or free with Kindle Unlimited.


Thomas K. Carpenter

Thomas K. Carpenter is a full time contemporary fantasy author with over 50 independently published titles. His bestselling, multi-series universe, The Hundred Halls, has over 25 books and counting. His stories focus on fantastic families, magical academies, and epic adventures.

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