October 15, 2009 6:29 pm

Thomas K. Carpenter

Lost Valentinos achieves a World First!

Okay, I couldn’t help that.  Maybe I spent too much time in my 20s and 30s playing MMORGs.  What is this World First that I speak of?  The band Lost Valentinos is using augmented reality to help get their name out.  It’s a World First for, in the managing director Andrew’s words:

I know AR runs risk of being done to death but this is a super cool use of it – we’ve basically mapped a full song performance of each band member to 5 individual markers that users can place in their own world and record and share it. In that respect it’s a world first – not a diorama performance on rails in the fan’s hands but totally customisable and modular experience – ie you can have 10 little lead singers playing on your desk or the whole band playing on the steps of the Opera House.

It could be, but I’m currently not keeping track of these things.  I am, however, a music lover, so I appreciate the struggle a small band has to go through to get known, so I’m putting their press release up. 

Lost Valentinos today announce the world’s truly interactive Augmented Reality music video project Nightmoves, from their acclaimed debut album  Cities Of Gold. 

The project allows fans to record their own customised music videos by capturing band members performing the track anywhere they like. From lead singer Nik performing the song atop a user’s shoulders, to the whole band playing the song at the base of the Eiffel Tower – it’s a project limited only by the viewers’ imaginations.


  • Tom

    fantastic post.

    It reminded me of the recent launch of John Mayer’s new music video. Have you heard of it or tried it out?


    I love seeing AR being used by entertainment/celebrities.. it’ll only grow the AR awareness and adoption by mainstream marketing.

  • Love this use of AR!

    While John Mayer will no doubt receive tons more press (and credit) for his video, I actually appreciate Lost Valentinos’ execution more. Each band member has his own marker and users are encouraged to play around with them and produce their own videos.

    Mayer’s Heartbreak Warfare, on the other hand, only provides users with one option, which is to watch the video in AR, thus there is a more limited interaction.

    I’ve posted more about both Lost Valentinos and John Mayer’s AR music videos here: http://bit.ly/OUlqc


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