So it’s another augmented reality business card.  This time from the company Genuine Interactive.  The use of a 3D video landscape within the augment is cute, but there’s one major flaw with this application.  It requires the use of a PC. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for the AR business card.  I even requested one.  But I need to be able to see it with my smartphone so I can show it to someone on a business trip.  Requiring me to be near a PC to view the AR business card doesn’t mesh well with the social nature of business greetings. 

There are four or five different companies working on AR business cards right now.  They should band together and make iPhone and Android apps for seeing these cards and release the apps for free.  Let the content of their creation be the selling point.  Otherwise this concept will die to the friction of using it. 


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