Clearly who ever made this augmented reality campaign didn’t read this post.

Not only are they repeating what’s been done a hundred times already, but the technology tie-in has absolutely no point.  Star Trek Enterprise in your room, sure, I get that.  Star Trek is science fiction and AR is a bit holographic so it makes sense.  The GE campaign was neat because it was new.  A few others have been so-so, but Always the feminine hygiene product company? 


I’m not even sure what the whole point of a white rabbit coming out of a white hat with a magic wand is.  And if I start to figure it out, I’m going to bludgeon myself with a sock full of pennies until I forget. 

Who ever recorded this video gets it right by titling it: Pointless Always (With Wings?) Augmented Reality Demo.

Let this be a lessen to all those marketing people out there.  Just because you have a hammer in your toolbox doesn’t mean you need to use it, unless you have a nail, of course. 

The only good that can come of this, is that it serves as a warning for other marketers not to use AR in the marketing campaigns, just because they can.  Unfortunately, I know we’re in for a couple of years worth of pointless AR marketing campaigns.  Buckle up, its going to be a bumpy ride.

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