Similar to Sky Map, this iPhone 3GS app (needs the compass to function properly) gives you complete knowledge of the night sky.  Though technically you can use it in daylight or in your living room and get the same results. 

While some might not consider it AR (I do, but only tenuously), it does interact with your environment to give you real world information including Wiki access, moon cycles and an object finder.  N0 matter how you might classify the app, it still looks pretty cool.


Thomas K. Carpenter

Thomas K. Carpenter is a full time contemporary fantasy author with over 50 independently published titles. His bestselling, multi-series universe, The Hundred Halls, has over 25 books and counting. His stories focus on fantastic families, magical academies, and epic adventures.

  • Now this got me thinking, what about a REAL AR astronomy app. Could be useful for students anyway.

    They could hold up the cell phone to look at the real sky, it would see the stars, and draw constellations over them! Obviously using image recognition, and maybe other locational info.
    Maybe it could also “zoom in” by displaying pictures from the internet, taken from various directions in the sky. Like a Hubble picture of the various planets you might “zoom” into.
    Now that would be cool!

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