Metaio recently released an AR software package demo called Unifeye Design Demo 1.0.  I’ve been meaning to do a review of the software, but my webcam was not up to snuff.  I’ve since upgraded the webcam and so I decided to do a short video explaining my experience with the software.

The focus of this review of the software was seeing how easy it was to figure out how to use it with little knowledge of augmented reality software.  In this regard, Metaio succeeded in their task.  As for the usefulness of the software, I think once we see what the full version can do, we’ll know more. 

So its a good first look at an AR programming package and I think it has promise for the future.  Looking forward for more information and updates from Metaio.  If you’d like to play with the software yourself, then download it here.

(Metaio Unifeye Design Demo 1.0 Review #2)

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