Core Tools for Augmented Reality

TweetIn this video Simon Wynda (I’m guessing at the spelling) gives a Core Tools for Augmented Reality demo.  This demo was featured at the Microsoft Research Cambridge Lab on May 6th. Simon demonstrates a geospatial AR application that recognizes its location from images and GPS data.  Location notes are annotated in the view in one […]

The Path to Augmented Vision

TweetAugmented Vision will be available in 2015. Am I prophetic?  Delusional?  Or merely guessing?  How does an deluded prophetic hand-waving guess sound? The reality is the development of complex systems like Augmented Vision will take something more than putting the various technologies together.  AV will require a change in the zeitgeist similar to the iPhone.  […]

Augmented Reality Primer

TweetI’ve been wanting to do a nice post showing the basics of augmented reality for those that might be new to the technology, but Rusty has saved me the trouble by making this nice post explaining the basics.  I’m going to expand on his AR primer.  Rusty breaks down his three components of augmented reality: […]

SREngine’s Item Recognition

TweetRouli at the Augmented Times found an interesting AR project from a Japanese developer, Sein Kanemura.   The key facet of his engine is that it is markerless.  While I couldn’t quite pick up the exact method of his markerless technology, I’m going to make a couple of guesses.  I would assume it uses the GPS […]