More Nokia “Point and Find”

A few months ago, Rouli brought us a video and some information about Nokia’s “Point and Find.”  The product at the time could scan movie posters or bar codes to give the user more information.  

Today they released more information about “Point and Find” world-building.

I believe the world building product is targeted to other companies wishing to build branded AR tag layers.  I could imagine a Disney World creating their own “Point and Find” layer for their theme parts so you can easily get information for any store, location or products in the park.  The intial world building would require purchasing the service from Nokia, but access to the world’s data can be open to anyone. 

I’m not entirely sold on the corporate version of world-building.  Open source movements are more powerful in this day and age.  I think something like the SREngine will end up being more prevalent.  To fill the cloud, you’ll need to leverage the crowd.

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