New Covers – The Digital Sea Trilogy

TweetWhile I loved the original covers of The Digital Sea and The Godhead Machine for their retro-style, they never quite connected with readers.  Since my beautiful and talented wife has taken over cover design for my books, I asked her to redesign the covers with the technothriller genre in mind. I’m absolutely ecstatic on how the final covers […]

New Release — Fires of Alexandria

Tweet                         Why are certain inventors, philosophers and other learned folk more famous than others?  One might assume it’s the impact of their inventions that decide the future brain space of school age children.  They would be wrong, of course. The names we usually […]

Ender’s Gamification

Tweet Ender’s Game is a classic piece of literature disguised as a YA novel.  I’m not sure why I decided to reread it, except that it was on my Kindle and I noticed a new forward by Orson Scott Card, the writer of Ender’s Game.  Once through the forward, I was onto the novel and […]

The AR Reading List Review – The Caryatids

TweetLast fall I posted the Augmented Reality Reading List which highlighted the science fiction novels and short stories that have featured augmented reality technologies in their texts.  I wanted to take that one step further and review each book, not only for the technological content, but also as a novel.  I started with Bruce Sterling’s […]