Metaio, Inc. Will Launch Its Mobile Augmented Reality Platform Junaio on November 2nd

TweetPRESS INFORMATION Metaio, Inc. Will Launch Its Mobile Augmented Reality Platform Junaio   On November 2nd San Francisco, September 18th 2009 – Today, metaio officially announced the launch date of junaio, its mobile augmented reality platform. On November 2nd, the leading company in augmented reality will release a first version exclusively for the iPhone. More […]

ISMAR09: Manufacturing Discussion

Tweet ISMAR09 Sympsium & Expo is right around the corner and I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be not only attending ISMAR09, but I will be presenting during the Manufacturing section on Monday and joining the panel discussion as a representative of Toyota.  I’ll be reviewing the possibilities of augmented reality in an industrial setting, including a project that […]

Will BMW Augmented Reality Glasses Really Work?

TweetFor some reason this augmented reality video from a couple of years ago is making the rounds again on various blogs and even Gizmondo is reporting it as fresh news.  Since its resurfaced, as a fellow car engineer for Toyota, I’ve decided to address some of the challenges to making a system like this really […]

Proposal: Augmented Reality Scale

TweetAs we collectively disembark on a long journey to a future, hence unknown.  We’ll want to mark our progress as it goes zipping by our technological car windows. With augmented reality intruding into the general consciousness, we’re going to need ways to explain and document our progress and point to where we’re going.  Currently, there are […]

Metaio Unifeye Demo #3

TweetIn this third installment of the Unifeye Design Demo I go over: creating a marker out of any picture, how to use occlusion effectively and a demonstration of animation using Workflow.   Markerless Augmented Reality: This function, Markerless Configuration, can be found under the Tools section.  The name implies that you don’t use a marker, but […]

Metaio World

TweetWhile Rouli posted this one on his weekly linkfest, I thought it was important enough to make mention of it here as well.  Another reality browser has been announced, but this time from Metaio.  Their Metaio World application will be smartphone agnostic as they will support the iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian S60.  […]

Metaio Unifeye Design Demo1.0 Review #2

TweetLast week I showed a brief demonstration of the Metaio Unifeye Design Demo1.0.  The goal of the demonstration was to show how non-programmers could get started on the software.  The crew at Metaio sent me more information on the software, giving me more options of what I could do.   Today’s video shows these new (not […]

Metaio Unifeye Design Demo 1.0 Review

TweetMetaio recently released an AR software package demo called Unifeye Design Demo 1.0.  I’ve been meaning to do a review of the software, but my webcam was not up to snuff.  I’ve since upgraded the webcam and so I decided to do a short video explaining my experience with the software. The focus of this review […]

AR for Industry

TweetToday I had a nice phone conferance with Thomas and Jan from Metaio.  Jan is the author of the Augmented Reality Blog.  Jan had contacted me after reading my writeup about the use of AR in manufacturing based on a Microsoft video.  Thomas is one of their designers and has experience with automotive manufacturing.  And I’m looking […]