Game Masters StoryBundle

TweetI have great news for those of you who love fiction involving games.  One of my good friends and all-around amazing author, Anthea Lawson/Anthea Sharp, has collected a bunch of gaming related novels and the wonderful people at StoryBundle have put it up on an exclusive basis. Here’s what Anthea has to say about it: Sometimes […]

Three Fun Things To Do With Augmented Reality

Tweet I can see you’re a little bored (yes, I’ve hacked your webcam) and I’ve scoured the Intertoobs to find some augmented reality to cheer you up.  From free to over one hundred dollars, here are a few ways to inject a little spice into your boring life. Free – AR on Webcams Does it […]

10 Worst Uses of Augmented Reality in 2009

TweetTis the season to reflect and review the year that’s about the scuttle its caboose into 2010.  It’s been a huge year for augmented reality after decades of R&D, finally hitting the public’s awareness.  Unfortunately, not all applications of the nascent technology showcased its possibilities.  Instead, some slapped it into use without careful forethought and understanding […]

25 Things I Learned At ISMAR09

TweetInspired by Joe’s “50 Things I Learned at ISMAR“, I’m going to take a crack at 25 things since I was only there for half the conferance.  1. Participation in ISMAR doubled from 2008 to 2009. 2. In the next six months it’s important that a few AR companies have success so funding will flow […]

Eye Pet Game Trailer

TweetMy first thought after watching this video is: I wish I had a PS3.  I think the console use of AR will help popularize the technology.  While Sony’s motion sensing was one of the hot topics at E3, I think augmented reality should have had a more prominent place (of course, the Eye Pet requires […]

We Don’t Need AR Pong

TweetWe’re still in the early Precambrian stages of augmented reality games.  A few different games are appearing here and there, but no earth shattering “must-have” game has crawled from the oceans yet.  Or as some say, AR needs its version of Pong.  Below are two different games that were recently released, one professional and one […]

My Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own

TweetSometimes I wonder if thought controlled computers would be a bad thing.  During a business meeting daydream would I accidentally surf porn? Fortunately the technology doesn’t work like that yet.  But the technology for mind controlled computers (or brain-computer interface) is coming along.  Already three products exist or will soon exist on the market: the […]

Ghostwire AR Game

TweetThe Swedish Game studio A Different World has brought the award-winning AR game Ghostwire to the Nintendo DSi.  The move to the platform of the DSi should help bring AR games to kids and gain a wider audience for the technology.  While this seven month old video shows the game on a cellphone, the concept […]

Steal This Idea – The Marble Run

TweetIf you’ve ever bought a marble run, rollercoaster or any other type of plastic track that requires hours of set up and falls to pieces at the wrong touch, then you’ll appreciate this idea.  Last week, my wife and kids set up a marble run in our living room.  It took hours to set up […]

AR Shooter – WARGame

TweetTim Verbelen and Pieter Dhondt have brought us the results of their MSc thesis.  In the video they take the concept of a FPS (First Person Shooter) like Doom or Quake and apply it to the real world.  Using materials available to them like papervision and Wii controllers, they were able to put on an […]