I can see you’re a little bored (yes, I’ve hacked your webcam) and I’ve scoured the Intertoobs to find some augmented reality to cheer you up.  From free to over one hundred dollars, here are a few ways to inject a little spice into your boring life.

Free – AR on Webcams

Does it work for Chatroulette (don’t click that unless you have a strong stomach)?

Less than $5 – Chatterbucks

Money talks…

More than $100 – Playstation Move “Start the Party

Beer not included.  Comes out on September 19th.

About the Author Thomas K. Carpenter

Thomas K. Carpenter is a full time author with over 50 independently published books.  He has also sold numerous short stories to various publications including Ellory Queen Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock, Galaxy's Edge and others.  He is most known for his multi-series universe The Hundred Halls which currently includes over 25 books.

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