The Digital Sea – Now Available

TweetI’d always thought that writing the novel was the longest part of the publishing process.  Little did I know that publishing it would take about five times as long as writing it.  Still, good things come to those who wait, and I’m proud to announce the digital release of my novel The Digital Sea. For […]

Touch Screen Monitor

TweetLast night I was wondering if it would be possible to convert a PC monitor into a touchscreen using some of the concepts of augmented reality.  If the web cam was pointed at the computer to “see” it, but not display (otherwise you’d end up with infinite computer screens), and the program could convert the tip […]

The Brain-Computer Interface

TweetAspirin stocks up.  Logitech stocks down.  My carpal tunnel can’t wait for mind controlled computers, but I’ll probably only trade my Logitech mouse for a headache.  Today scientists at the Honda Research Institute unveiled a robot controlled by thought alone. In the video a large control unit behind the BMI user shows more finite control requires […]

Can AR Help Manufacturing?

TweetI found this interesting video from Microsoft about how AR could be used in a manufacturing environment, and specifically in the car business.  Currently, I am a Manager of Quality and Engineering at a Toyota facility here in the US, so I have my own take on what AR can do for manufacturing. The video […]

Freedoms and the 5th Amendment

TweetOn his website, Luigi Cappel has a nice post about the effect of digital information on our freedoms.  I agree with a lot of the things he says on his site, but I would also add we not only have to worry about the government, but also corporations and each other.  The ease at which digital […]

Contest: Machines That Know

TweetA few weeks ago I made a post about Machines That Know.  Then I made a couple of follow up posts about the good and bad aspects of these technologies working in concert.  I think it is important for society to think ahead to the problems our innovative technologies are going to create, so we can design solutions […]

How to Automate the Digitalization of the World

TweetOne of the key components to true AR is turning world objects into digital ones.  The slow way to accomplish this is to get an army of volunteers to manually create the digital architecture piece-by-piece.  Much like the first genome, it’s going to take awhile.  However, if the process can be automated, then interesting events start […]

Pew Internet Study

TweetBack in December, the Pew Internet & American Life project penned a study called the Future of the Internet III.  There are a number of items that won’t surprise you from the study: cell phones will be the primary access to the Internet worldwide (dur, iPhone), copyright technology will still be a battle between the corporations […]