A few weeks ago I made a post about Machines That Know.  Then I made a couple of follow up posts about the good and bad aspects of these technologies working in concert. 

I think it is important for society to think ahead to the problems our innovative technologies are going to create, so we can design solutions anticipate the problems.  While technology is exciting, and fun–the laws of unintended consequences often reach out and bite us where we least expect it. 

So my contest is to come up with the best idea for using Machines That Know.  The idea can be either a good application or a bad application.  The contest will run until Friday, April 10th at 4pm central.  The reward will be a $15 iTunes card.  I’m a big fan of music, so giving the gift of music is rewarding for me as well. 


The assumptions one must use when considering your application of the Machines That Know are: 

1) Cameras are ubiquitous in public areas (roads, malls, businesses, schools, etc), but not in private homes. 

2) The information collected from cameras (the data) is easily accessible by anyone, but not the raw feeds (the video).  So you can’t sit and watch a particular camera to spy on someone. 

3) Everyone has an iPhone or similar travelling computer to access the data (with the appropriate apps).


To enter the contest, reply with your comment on this post with your application of MTK.  I’ll announce the winner on April 13th.  Feel free to sign up for my blog on the followers list while you’re entering the contest.

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