Augmented Reality Car System

TweetMobile computing devices are wonderful for bringing the world of information to our fingertips anywhere we go.  Hurtling down the highway in one ton vehicles while trying to access our maps or find directions is not the safest way to drive.  This video shows an augmented reality street view using a Windows 7 notebook, Royaltek […]

10 Games That Could Be Made with Layar 3.0

TweetThe new Layar 3.0release brings more functionality to the reality browser.  To help people envision what the service can do, Layar touts five new use-cases: Five Layar 3.0 Use-Cases 1) Architecture Showcase – Visualize the final building at a construction site. 2) Storytelling: Beatles Tour – A visual tour of forty-three locations in London involving […]

Augmented Reality Birthday Card

TweetThe birthday card in the video is unremarkable by augmented reality standards.  However, I think it does open up an interesting business opportunity for someone who can weasel their way into bed with a big name greeting card producer like Hallmark.  I’ll explain more: The example in this video uses a standard marker for displaying […]

Another Augmented Reality Business Card

TweetSo it’s another augmented reality business card.  This time from the company Genuine Interactive.  The use of a 3D video landscape within the augment is cute, but there’s one major flaw with this application.  It requires the use of a PC.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for the AR business card.  I even requested one.  […]

6 “Nearest X” Augmented Reality Apps and 5 Ways to Improve

TweetNow that the OS 3.1 is upon us we’re seeing a few more augmented reality apps and some of them are in the category of the “Nearest X” variety.  I’m not saying these apps are necessarily a bad thing, but my fear is that they’ll crash the market as a gimmick and not try to solve […]

10 Things Your AR App Must Have to Succeed

TweetWith the iPhone OS 3.1 launch set to debut next month, I wanted to explore the features that are going to help make some AR apps succeed over others.  We’re going to be seeing a spike of releases since many have been working towards this moment waiting for the iPhone to become AR enabled, so […]

Just Add AR For Awesome

Tweet Spoiler note.  The iPhone app I’m about to discuss has no augmented reality functionality. So why am I discussing it?  Because if it did, it’d go from adequate to awesome.  Every year nerds from around the country descend on Gen Con to revel in unabashed geeking-out.  Why do I know about Gen Con?  When […]

10 Franchises That Need Augmented Reality

TweetAugmented reality is gaining buzz, tickling imaginations and will eventually enter the mainstream zeitgeist.  Eventually, many companies will wonder if they should take advantage of this new technology.  Some should jump in with both feet and some should stay on the sidelines.  I would like to present 10 franchises from the previous decades that could […]

Steal This Idea – Easy AR

TweetRecently we’ve seen AR business cards from both James Alliban and Jonas Jager (via Rouli).  My purpose is not to debate which AR business card service is better–they’re both proof of concepts at this point–but to point out there is a real market need for simple AR services.  Consider that James has seen his website […]