The birthday card in the video is unremarkable by augmented reality standards.  However, I think it does open up an interesting business opportunity for someone who can weasel their way into bed with a big name greeting card producer like Hallmark.  I’ll explain more:

The example in this video uses a standard marker for displaying the card.  As a business, this would fail for a couple of reasons.  The first is no one wants to print out a marker (or at least I don’t.)  The second is that if you give the “marker” to someone who doesn’t have a webcam, then your card is useless. 

The marker could be integrated into a standard greeting card (or commonly called a markerless) , so it could be freely given without worry of them not being able to recieve it.  If the person had a webcam, then they could view the extra content.  If not, then they still received a nice greeting card.  It might even have the side effect of driving someone to purchase a webcam if they didn’t have one to see the AR content.  A smartphone viewer might also make the AR greeting card more accessable (purchasing a card supported by your smartphone, so you could show them the extra content when you gave it.)  Either way, its a business oppertunity in the making. 

About the Author Thomas K. Carpenter

Thomas K. Carpenter is a full time author with over 50 independently published books.  He has also sold numerous short stories to various publications including Ellory Queen Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock, Galaxy's Edge and others.  He is most known for his multi-series universe The Hundred Halls which currently includes over 25 books.

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