June 12, 2011 1:19 pm

Thomas K. Carpenter

I’m pleased to release another short story for your enjoyment.  The Maestro was written a few years ago as a “starter” story for a novel that I was contemplating about aliens and augmented reality.  The novel, Ghost and the Nether, will be released sometime this summer or fall (depending on my other projects.)

The Maestro finds solace in exploring the strange new planet called Giant’s Belt aboard his walking laboratory Vassoru. But when the Cardinal arrives on planet and demands justice for the Maestro’s crimes on Earth, he must prove his innocence or be sentenced to death.

The Maestro can be found on eBook for $0.99 at:

Amazon Store

B&N Nook Store


Free copy of The Maestro will be available for a little while through Smashwords.  Use the code: ZP85F.

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