December 31, 2010 3:11 pm

Thomas K. Carpenter

Never in the definition of mixed reality did I imagine that anyone would slap moving eyeballs onto a car so you could tell which way the driver was looking (or not, in this age of cellphones).  Yet, here it is, in all its strange and thoroughly Japanese-way.  In mother Japan, we don’t augment you into the car, we augmented the car onto you.

Now let’s see them shed some gear by applying a Kinect sensor.  Something tells me they’re probably already moving that way.

Congrats Yoichi Ochiai and Keisuke Toyoshima from the University of Tsukuba for helping us end the burgeoning year of AR with a grandiloquent example of what this technology has in store for us in the future.

  • The eyes are cute. I’m not sure how having the driver’s hands projected via the car will do any better in getting the pedistrian’s attention, if the pedistrian isn’t paying attention in the first place. Haptic sensors can always be useful. A child either close behind, or close in front is a driver’s nightmare.

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