Sex Offender Augmented Reality Tracker App

Given the spokesman and the nature of the video, I actually thought this was a comic piece and I was prepared to write another article about how augmented reality was entering the zeitgeist.  It turns out the AR app is a very serious one.

No further comment except to say how interesting it is to see the intersection of personal information, societal issues and technology.  See the official website for more information.

2 replies on “Sex Offender Augmented Reality Tracker App”

  1. Well, this is certainly not the way I would have promoted this. I went to the website, and just looked at the image on the page. If there are that many offenders in just that circled section, our whole world is just messed up. I’m going to want an AR app that tells me where the law enforcement officers are in relationship to the offenders. This thing takes the concept of publishing your name in the papers to a whole new level.

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