October 19, 2010 8:24 pm

Thomas K. Carpenter

Not the snazziest of article titles but I couldn’t think of anything catchier.  That point brings me to the addendum topic of this blog post, which is the unsexy nature of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in the AR movement.  But first, let’s see what’s going on in the scene.

W. Lee, Y. Park, V. Lepetit and W.Woo, showed off their paper “Point-and-Shoot for Ubiquitous Tagging on Mobile Phones,” at ISMAR10.  These two nifty videos show off some crazy-good in situ markerless detection, including an x-wing fighter, complete with shadows, flying over a parking lot.  Cue the movies:

The addendum point I wish to make today is that how much we forget all this amazing technology has been built on the backs of some amazing researchers.  Back over a year and a half ago, most of the content online was from researchers.  Now-a-days, we’re usually only showing the commercial videos which tend to be better constructed.

However, there’s something truly awesome about the unvarnished videos from pre-hype days like the ones here.  You can almost feel the excitement when they got the project working and rushed to the camera to record their efforts and upload it to YouTube–more Wright Brothers than Donald Trump.

So if you’re a researcher and I’ve missed your AR research video, please send me a note, along with some background information on the project and I’ll be happy to highlight you here on Games Alfresco.

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