On TODAY, Meredit Vieira talked with Esquire’s David Granger about their November augmented reality issue.  David shows off the AR portion of the magazine on the show and talks about why Esquire chose to use the nascent technology.

David believes the use of AR helps get people excited about the magazine, enhances its content, but doesn’t fundamentally change the magazine’s purpose.  I agree with the sentiment, but the reported cost of adding AR to the magazine was over $100,000.  If a sustained increase in sales can justify this kind of additional cost on a regular basis, then we might see more magazines taking the plunge and adding AR to their regular content.

However, I don’t see this as a longterm trend because this still doesn’t change the fact that content is regularly free on the Internet and it already has video access.  Bringing people to their computers to view additional content on their webcam is about the same as asking people to go to the Esquire webpage to watch a video.  AR might spike interest in their publication and grab a few more eyeballs temporarily, but AR is not the savior of the print business.

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