Facial Augmented Reality from Playstation Eye

Engadget and Gizmodo have both reported this morning on the facial recognition technology called the Vision Library from Sony. 

It’s called the Vision Library and, once a face has been analyzed, the machine can tell it apart from others, determine orientation, identify gender, tell what expression that face is… expressing, and then superimpose some big-eyed anime head right on top of it real-time. We fear this might take some of the fun out of cosplay night, but could make life rather more interesting for freaks with bovine fetishes.

The video shows amazing stickiness to the AR face.  If they can do this for the PS Eye when it comes out, then we’ll be seeing this technology and others like it spreading faster than originally anticipated.   If this kind of work can be done by smaller machines (i.e. – smartphones) in the future and AR glasses become reality, then expect to have your latte served to you by a Wookie at your local Starbucks.