Put A Spell: Augmented Reality Game from Ogmento

Long ago the founder of Ogmento, Ori Inbar, promised he would make augmented reality games that would get our children away from screens and learning more.  Today Ogmento released a teaser trailer for their new game – Put A Spell

Put A Spell is a way for children, ages four to seven, to learn to spell using augmented reality.  The app was designed with an early-childhood literary expert to ensure they were giving children proper education.  Some of the features are:

– Dubi Panda a 3D hologram on your iPhone
– Will challenge your child to spell
– Grab real cards and drop in blank spaces
– Recognizes and pronounces letters

Since the game is on the iPhone its designed to be played anywhere, including on the floor of the doctor’s office when you’re waiting on your appointment.  Its also meant to be supervision free, meaning the game guides the child through the steps, so they can play on their own.  The Panda, Dubi, gives the child a cute character to interact with while you’re busy with the doctor.

It’s good to see some iPhone AR apps on the verge of becoming live (though a limited usage app already has).  I wish them all good success. 

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