Zugara Social Shopper

Zugara brings us the next installment of AR shopping.  The company is an advertising agency that uses interactive marketing.  They have an impressive client list including the company I work for, Toyota. 

Their new AR product – The Webcam Social Shopper uses AR markers with motion capture to help the shopper “try-on” different clothing.  I like the way you only have to use the AR marker to set up the 3D plane, then once it captures the location, you can go markerless.  Also, it uses motion capture so you can scroll through the clothing choices without having to run back to your computer each time.  

The markerless and motion capture scrolling gives the Webcam Social Shopper an easy-to-use feel that I think is important for any product, especially AR.  The more steps it involves, the less chance people will bother to use it. 


[Via Disrpution]

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