Today I’m debuting the world’s first augmented reality comic!

(though I’m sure to be proved wrong on that claim)

This is not an AR comic “using” augmented reality, but is “about” it.  I wanted to capture some of the humorous aspects of augmented reality and its applications.  A web comic seemed like the best medium, so I enlisted a friend who’s an illustrator to do the artwork.  I’m going to do this weekly for the summer and see how it goes.  Comments or email are always welcome. 

























If you’re wondering why the last panel changed, its in “chibi” manga style.  When characters have overblown emotions, the characters become more exaggerated.  While I’m familiar with manga, having spent time in Japan, I didn’t know all the nuances, so I thought I’d better point that out. 

Hope you all enjoy the comics in the upcoming weeks.

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