The AR Hub

While I’ve only recently joined the AR conversation, Ori at Games Alfresco, and Rouli at Augmented Times, have been promoting AR for the last year.  Rouli announced this week they will be combining forces to help create a central clearinghouse for AR information.  And I for one welcome our new AR overlords

Seriously, I think this is a great idea.  A lot of AR content exists in various blogs, and I think the conversation between them could be enhanced by a site bringing them together.  Bravo guys, I’ll be happy to contribute. 

Lastly, Jan over at the Augmented Reality Blog, brought up that he would be giving us a little series about augmented reality in a production process.  I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Jan about his company’s products for some projects at Toyota, and I’m looking forward to hearing more about his other ideas.

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  1. I absolutely approve of this too.
    I want AR development to be as rapid as possible, and I think starting to form hubs to spread news and develope ideas is a prime speed it up.

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