Total Immersion – McDonald’s & Avatar Worldwide Promotion

TweetPress Release   WANT AN INTERGALACTIC EXPERIENCE WITH THOSE FRIES?  MCDONALD’S ORDERS UP AUGMENTED REALITY FROM TOTAL IMMERSION, IN GLOBAL PROMOTION FOR FOX’S ‘AVATAR’   AR Experiences Connect Film and Filmgoers Worldwide, In Biggest Mass Deployment of Augmented Reality to Date   LOS ANGELES (Dec. 17, 2009) – You’ve seen the trailer — now grab […]

Total Immersion’s Ghost Hunting Experience

TweetMark Pine, the keynote speaker from Disney Imagineering at ISMAR09, gave the audience compelling reasons why truly interactive experiences are the future of entertainment and the one I remember most was: “It’s about connecting with the user.” Total Immersion has recently partnered with Hanwa Co. (Japan) to create a live action augmented reality video game […]

The Augmented Reality Pop Quiz

TweetThink you know everything there is to know about augmented reality?  Well, prove it and take the augmented reality pop quiz.  If you’re proud of your score, post the results on twitter with the hashtag #arpopquiz or in the comment section if you don’t use Twitter.  Thanks to Rouli who helped me with some of the […]

Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality 3D Puzzle

TweetAn augmented reality flying car this game is not.  While this AR game made by Total Immersion at the Arizona Center isn’t layered with complexity, it really couldn’t be done any other way.  While you could use a controller or mouse to move the boxes around, allowing for natural movement with a square of cardboard makes […]

Topps and Total Immersion Huddle Up: NFL QBs Come to Life Via Augmented Reality

TweetFor Immediate Release   TOPPS AND TOTAL IMMERSION HUDDLE UP, UNVEIL ‘3D LIVE’ FOOTBALL CARDS: NFL QUARTERBACKS ON VIRTUAL GRIDIRON COME TO LIFE VIA AUGMENTED REALITY   Cards Build on Game-Changing Introduction of 3D Live Baseball Cards, Enable Kids and Collectors to Play Ball with the Pros at ToppsTown.com               LOS ANGELES and NEW […]

Brining Its Augmented Reality to Mobile Applications, Total Immersion Partners with Smartphone App Provider Int13

TweetBRINGING ITS AUGMENTED REALITY TO MOBILE APPLICATIONS, TOTAL IMMERSION PARTNERS WITH SMARTPHONE APP PROVIDER INT13     Embedded Mobile AR Solution to be Available on Variety of Platforms   LOS ANGELES and PARIS (September 14, 2009) — Total Immersion (www.t-immersion.com), the world leader in augmented reality, today announced that it has signed an exclusive distribution […]