The Queen of Dreams (The Dashkova Memoirs #6)

TweetBook 6 in The Dashkova Memoirs is LIVE! Things should be getting easier for Katerina “Kat” Dashkova. The former princess of the Russian empire wields considerable sorcerous powers, has learned to control the unruly prophecies in her head, and is a member of the Transcendental Society—a group dedicated to protecting the ideals of the Enlightenment […]

Nightfell Games (The Dashkova Memoirs #5)

TweetBook 5 in The Dashkova Memoirs is LIVE! Katerina “Kat” Dashkova has become a potent sorceress using her magic to help Ben Franklin and the Transcendent Society in the fight against Russia and the Otherworld forces that threaten the civilized world. But her powers are useless when a plague of monsters descends on Philadelphia, threatening to […]

More Augmented Reality Magic with Marco Tempest

TweetMarco Tempest blew our collective augmented reality mind-space with his card trick video last spring.  This time he pulls back the curtain and shows a little bit of the technology behind his projection AR magic tricks on the streets of Japan.

Don’t Mess With My Reality (Even If It’s Augmented)

TweetMagic tricks are just scams that we clap and smile at when they’re over instead of wanting to choke someone.  Augmented reality is still a long way off to be able to used to fool people about the nature of reality, but given that photos are regularly photoshopped for profit, it’ll come sooner than we […]

Augmented Reality Magic Trick

TweetSo I know Jan covered this over at the Augmented Reality Blog, but I thought it was such a great video I wanted to show it and talk about it here.  First please watch the video because its a great piece of entertainment and it certain stretches the imagination of what is possible with AR. […]