The two major clans of the Undercity, Razor and Drops, are at a fragile peace after decades of conflict.

I've been wanting to post that opening blurb line for weeks, possibly months, but we'd been waiting on the covers.  Not that they were late or anything, it was the agreed upon timing, but a lot of things have been held up until we had those shiny new covers.  

The Crystal Halls series

See how gorgeous they are!  I'm excited.  Sasha and Gene did a fantastic job of bringing the characters from the books to life.  Now you might be wondering, what's this new Hundred Halls series about?  And how and when can I purchase it?

The Crystal Halls is the latest Hundred Halls series—and the first series of Season Two.  The first book, Shadows in Amber, starts three years after the invasion that happened in the Order of Merlin.  If you happen to be new to my newsletter, and the Hundred Halls, don't worry.  You don't have to have read Season One to enjoy this series, but it certainly adds to the enjoyment.    

And what exactly will you be reading about?  Magic, Martial Arts, and Criminal Networks.  When I was a kid, we saw the movie the Five Deadly Venoms.  Every day that summer, we spent our time playing as the various "Venoms": Centipede, Snake, Scorpion, Lizard, and Toad.  Then when I was in high school, I started learning Tae Kwon Do, which I currently hold the rank of black belt.  I've always been a big fan of martial arts movies including some of my favorites Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2.  So when it came time to write these books, I knew exactly what they'd be about—the criminal clans of the Undercity.  The discovery of the faez crystals at the end of the Order of Merlin changed the trajectory of the clans, giving them supernatural abilities on top of their flawless martial arts skills.  The new series details the implications and impact of that discovery—and includes some old friends from the previous books.  I can't wait for you to read this new series!

So that's the "what".  Now for the when and where.  

The first three books will be released as a Kickstarter in August '23 and then the last two books of the five book series will be released as another Kickstarter in October '23.  We're splitting up the Kickstarter to make things easier on our end and provide double the chances of bonus material for fans.  Here is the link for The Crystal Halls Kickstarter prelaunch page.  

The books will be released on retailers (all online retailers and including the bookstore on my website) starting in October '23 and then every month after that until all five books are out which will be in Feb '24.  Here are the links to the first three books on my website (the preorders exist on the other retailers currently):

Shadows in Amber

The Emerald Eclipse

The Sapphire Stratagem

You might ask why put them up on both places?  Or which one should you use to purchase the books?   The answer to the first question is that Kickstarter allows us to reach new fans and provides the opportunity for bonus material that you can't get anywhere else, thus making Kickstarter the best value possible for a new series.  

What if I want the cheapest versions?  That would either be Kickstarter or the store on my website.  The reason I offer them cheaper on these two venues is because Kickstarter and Shopify take much smaller fees than the online retailers (don't get me started on Amazon!!)  

If you want receive the books in the shortest time possible, Kickstarter will also be the best way to go.   All three books are ready, so as soon as the Kickstarter is over and we get paid, the e-books will be shipped to you (the paperbacks and hardbacks take longer due to printing and multiple shipments).  

Over the coming weeks and leading up to the launch of the Kickstarter at the beginning of August, we'll be releasing sample chapters and character art so you can get a better feel for the new series.  I can tell you from my beta readers that you're going to love the new series—and especially the new characters.  I don't hold back in these books.  It's gonna be a wild ride.  

Now, let's see the rest of that blurb for Shadows in Amber:

Shadows in Amber

The two major clans of the Undercity, Razor and Drops, are at a fragile peace after decades of conflict.  

When Pandora is sent to the Undercity to infiltrate the clans and uncover the source of the faez crystals—unusual gemstones that give Undercity warriors magical abilities allowing them to run up walls or move heavy object with a gesture—she joins the Drops clan after saving the life of its warleader.  

Kuma Santos, son of Razor's clan leader, has been training to be a warrior of the Undercity his entire life, but his lineage creates expectations that make him a target for his rivals.

Tensions rise between the clans as young warriors clash on neutral ground to uphold their honor bound ways, bringing together Kuma and Pandora who discover an inconvenient attraction.  Conflict turns violent as rumors of a spy send waves of distrust through both clans.  With storm clouds on the horizon and control of the Undercity—and the faez crystal trade—at stake, it'll only take one spark to trigger the war.

Set in the Hundred Hall Universe, the Crystal Halls series is perfect for urban fantasy fans who enjoy epic adventures, fantastic families, and an enemies-to-lovers romance in the shadows of an underground criminal network.  Pick up book 1, Shadows in Amber, today!


Thomas K. Carpenter

Thomas K. Carpenter is a full time contemporary fantasy author with over 50 independently published titles. His bestselling, multi-series universe, The Hundred Halls, has over 25 books and counting. His stories focus on fantastic families, magical academies, and epic adventures.

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