Why Khan and my wife are the two most amazing people I know!

TweetI don’t know Professor Khan.  Not personally, anyway. But he’s had a profound affect on my kids lives.  Heck, I wish he’d been around when I was a kid. So if you don’t know him, you should. You see, he created a university of learning for kids online.  Not only that but he’s done it […]

Bamzooki – Augmented Reality TV Game Show

TweetRobots battling it out for glory is nothing new.  Augmented reality robots racing around real streets and battling on rooftops is so 2010.  The BBC show, Bamzooki, is an augmented reality TV game show in which autonomous creatures called Zooks are designed and then controlled by participants on the show by shouting instructions during the battles.  The […]

AR & Education

TweetOne of the most promising uses of augmented reality is in the field of education.  While some might think that using AR for education is just a gimmick designed to trick kids into learning, there is a scientific basis for why using visual information is important.  Communication occurs through our senses.  We have five senses, […]

Ori Inbar’s AR Presentation

TweetWhen I first started this blog a month ago, I was apprehensive if there would be enough material to write about in regards to augmented reality.  I thought I might be able to squeeze out a post twice a week, if I worked at it.  Lately, its all I can do to not post everyday, […]