April 2, 2009 10:51 pm

Thomas K. Carpenter

I had a few more iPhone AR apps I thought would be fun for my kids (and any other) and sneak in some learing at the same time. 

1) The Great Habitat Hunter – kids go outside to find either fauna, insects or birds (a different app for each one).  They take a picture of the target, and are presented with a list of possibilities.  They pick which one it is (maybe object recognition would be enough to tell), then are given a few facts about the target.  The target flower, or insect, or bird data could be uploaded to a database collecting all the information; and the kids could see aggregate data based on the information in fun charts and graphs.  For example, migration patterns of birds could be tracked. 

The kids would be given points for “hunting” the targets and bonus points for finding rare species.  In addition, the data could be used by scientists. 

2) Road Trip Buddy – Questions about the locations passed along the highway would keep the kids entertained and teach them geography lessons.  We often play this game with our kids on trips, but we usually run out of questions quickly. 

If you want to read the other ideas you can find them in this previous post.  And if you use an idea, don’t forget to give me credit and send me a free app.

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