Why Write About Augmented Reality?

TweetBesides the immediate surly replies of “Because” or “Why not?” (my parental mind is leaking through here), I think it’s an interesting question and one I’ve encountered before, including a recent tangential discussion in the comments section about AR and eBooks. So far I’ve written five novels and twelve short stories utilizing augmented reality and have […]

Augmented Reality to Combat eBooks

TweetAs eBooks are slowly eroding the pricing structure of physical books, publishing houses are looking for ways to make the book as an object more appealing.  The ideas of limited editions or signed copies are going to expand to gimmicks like augmented reality covers, or special content for hardcovers only. The latest book in Jean Auel’s series […]

2010 Qualcomm Augmented Reality Developer Challenge

TweetThe results for the 2010 Qualcomm AR Developer Challenge are coming next week on February 15th.  Qualcomm released this teaser video today: Developers from around the world participated in Qualcomm’s 2010 Augmented Reality (AR) Developer Challenge and created rich AR experiences including interactive games, educational applications, and marketing concepts. These apps use Qualcomm’s AR platform, […]

USATODAY 360 Stadium Tour from Junaio

Tweet ** Cool experience with the smartphone and seeing into another location.  Would love to be able to walk around or zoom in.  Next step is to offer a live feed from various locations of the Superbowl during the game.  Maybe next year. Steelers and Packers Magically Come to Life in USA TODAY Super Bowl […]

Dragons Invade Your Home With Metaio

TweetRobert Scoble, the interviewer of the geek-stars and employee of Rackspace, recorded this video at Metaio in Munich.  The gang at Metaio shows off a virtual dragon clinging to a building and talks about their AR browser Junaio.  If the only thing you want to know about is dragons invading your home, fast forward to […]

Football and a Chapter

TweetThe last few weeks have been hectic.  I’ve finished five shorts, including a requested story for an anthology, and finished the latest edits on my most recent novel Gamers.  I still have to type in the edits and write my submission package, but that shouldn’t be too bad, just time consuming. So after an afternoon […]

The Digital Sea – Now Available in Paperback

Tweet For those of you without an eReader, The Digital Sea is now available on Amazon as a paperback.  The cover looks fantastic and I’m very pleased how the artist, Joseph Roberts, transformed my vague ideas into a beautifully rendered retro sci-fi cover.  He’s done a number of album covers but this was his first […]