The Dangers of Computer Vision

Tweet The Dangers of Computer Vision. (I thought about calling this article “The Passive and Insidious Collection of Data with Cameras” or “Should We Fear Facial Recognition?” but I think the current title gets the point across.) Computer algrorithms have reached the point that facial recognition has become easy enough to become common place.  They can even […]

Game of Thrones – Digital Ice Wall Projection

TweetGame of Thrones by George R.R. Martin is my hands down favorite series of all time (and it’s not even complete yet).  I’ve read the first four books about five times.  That HBO has brought the books to life in a new series starting on Sunday is just heaven for a major fan boy like […]

Two AR Links, A Review and a Bonus Video

TweetLife is random and full of amusement. Had a busy, productive week for the current novel project about Alexandria.  Added a few posts to Games Alfresco–one about a new AR RPG called Traveller and another about an interactive billboard.  Also, The Digital Sea got a nice review from the Literary R&R. And last, because I […]

Anthology Announcement – Mirror Shards: Exploring the Edges of Augmented Reality

Tweet                         I’m excited to announce that I will be producing and editing an anthology about augmented reality this fall through my publisher Black Moon Books.  The anthology will be pay up to professional rates and be released in September of 2011.  The title […]

ARE2011 May 17th & 18th

TweetARE2011 is right around the corner.  If you haven’t registered yet, check out Games Alfresco for more details and a discount. ARE 2011 will take place in May 17th-18th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California, and is surely a must-attend event for the Augmented Reality (AR) community, and anyone interested to learn about […]

Is This How Strange We Look?

TweetLayar is demonstrating the Pac Man game at the truStockholm Unconferance in this video.  There’s no demonstration of the actual game going on for you to see.  Instead, people are holding up smartphones and wandering around in circles playing the game.  If you didn’t know any better, you might think it was some avant garde […]

A New Cover – Sagan’s Law

TweetPeople really do judge a book by its cover.  I’m a cover snob myself.  Unless I know the author’s work already, a cover will make or break my buying decision in the bookstore after reading the premise.  Hell, I won’t even read the premise if I don’t like the cover.  It doesn’t make sense, but […]