The Augmented Reality Flying Car

TweetThe company HD Interactive released a video today of their augmented reality hangman game.  They demonstrated the game at the Tampa Internet and Technology Summit 2009 and say they will release the game soon.  They also say they will be releasing more AR games in the future.  Now, I’m going to be nice and assume […]

10 Things Your AR App Must Have to Succeed

TweetWith the iPhone OS 3.1 launch set to debut next month, I wanted to explore the features that are going to help make some AR apps succeed over others.  We’re going to be seeing a spike of releases since many have been working towards this moment waiting for the iPhone to become AR enabled, so […]

10 Franchises That Need Augmented Reality

TweetAugmented reality is gaining buzz, tickling imaginations and will eventually enter the mainstream zeitgeist.  Eventually, many companies will wonder if they should take advantage of this new technology.  Some should jump in with both feet and some should stay on the sidelines.  I would like to present 10 franchises from the previous decades that could […]

Around the ARNet

TweetTop news around the augmented reality sites seems to be about the iPhone 3.1 release in September and how it will allow for AR apps.  Will be interesting to see how this changes some business plans. Before that all the talk was about the augmented reality business card from James Alliban.  Jonas from Toxin was […]

PS3 EyePet Release Date

Tweet Will the Playstation3 EyePet be the “must-have” game of Christmas like the Wii was a few years ago?  It might be in Europe, the release date of October 2nd has been announced.  While the US and Japan dates haven’t been announced yet, its assumed they will also be released in Q4 2009 to take advantage […]

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha + ARToolKit

TweetDedicated fans are powerful forces.  A super-fan will collect every commercial product of an imaginary character because they enjoy the break from their normal everyday reality.  This video is a combination of a few other videos made about Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.  Interestingly, we never actually see Nanoha Takamachi in the video.  Instead we see […]

Eye Pet Game Trailer

TweetMy first thought after watching this video is: I wish I had a PS3.  I think the console use of AR will help popularize the technology.  While Sony’s motion sensing was one of the hot topics at E3, I think augmented reality should have had a more prominent place (of course, the Eye Pet requires […]