Augmented Reality’s Console Upgrade

Tweet I’ve been watching the news from E3 with keen interest.  First off, I’m a gamer, if you can’t tell.  But I’m also wildly curious how augmented reality will shape the future of gaming.  Now I haven’t seen any games that strictly use AR, but the direction consoles are taking shows how AR is shaping […]

System Flaw Trailer for DSi

TweetThe radar screen on top makes me think of Aliens. “Look, I’m telling ya, there’s somethin’ movin’ and it ain’t us! Tracker’s off scale, man. They’re all around us, man. Jesus!” “Hicks: Remember, short controlled bursts. Hudson: 9 meters, 7, 6. Ripley: That can’t be, that’s inside the room. Hudson: It’s reading right man, look. Hicks: […]

Gigaputt – Augmented Reality Golf

TweetMake the world your golf course. That’s the tagline of the new iPhone app Gigaputt from Gigantic Mechanic.  Instead of clubs, you swing your iPhone in a Wii-like manner (though the accuracy is no where near the same) and hit your ball.  Unlike most AR iPhone games, this one actually requires you to interact with your surroundings […]

Augmented Reality Racing

TweetA group of students at Technische Universitat Munchen, under the direction of Gudrun Klinker, created this augmented reality racing game.  The setup is similar to the AR Drone game in that it uses a real vehicle, however, using the illusions of AR, they turned their LEGO Mindstorm robots into cars. The students had two (analog) […]

10 Cool Things Going On Right Now in Augmented Reality

TweetAugmented reality has come a long way in a years time.  Last year I got excited by research projects and gimmicky AR webcam advertising, but that quickly faded on the tenth plus iteration.  It wasn’t until July that we starting having real AR products in the form of apps.  Nearly a year later and still […]

Collectibles and Augmented Reality

TweetIt was only a matter of time.  Virtual goods make up a $1.4 Billion (that’s with a ‘B’ folks) business and the demand is growing.  We have Chinese gold farmers and Farmville exclusive goods, so augmented goods can’t be far behind. Right now augmented goods are tied to purchased toys as an “add-on.”  Metaio has […]

Augmented Reality in Heavy Rain

TweetHeavy Rain is an interactive drama video game developed by Quantic Dream for the PlayStation 3.  One of the characters in the game, Norman Jayden, uses “Added Reality Glasses” to rapidly investigate crime scenes, analyze evidence, or just waste time.  The following videos show examples of the ARI in the game. Main Trailer (2 minutes) Wasting […]

Augmented Reality Comes to World of Warcraft

TweetOkay, probably most of you have read the title and said, so what.  World of Warcraft is a game, and definitely not reality.  Though don’t tell that to the 11.5 million players worldwide. These “boss-kill” videos are common for the high-end guilds in WoW.  They use the videos as a recruiting tool for good players.  If you […]

Dell Tablet Mini 5 For Augmented Reality

Tweet While the Apple iPad Tablet announcement last month was disappointing for augmented reality developers and enthusiasts, the details about the upcoming Dell Tablet will make you salivate. The Mini 5 will have a five inch touchscreen with both front and user facing cameras allowing full augmented reality capabilities.  WiFi and 3G connectivity allow enough bandwidth and the […]

What the Movie Avatar Can Teach Augmented Reality

TweetThe biggest news about the movie Avatar has been the 3D experience and the way its blown the doors off the previous records. The movie has garnered huge success because it pushed the boundaries of technology and told an interesting story. I loved the movie and the way 3D helped give more perspective to the enviroment. […]